Readjustment of industrial structure in CNC machine tool industry in China
Date: 2021-06-24 13:55:50Pageviews: 884

The industry is saying that at present, the industry is adjusting the existing industrial structure and exerting the high end on the basis of the existing results. On the one hand, it needs to face the competition pressure from foreign products and joint products to squeeze the domestic medium market. On the other hand, we should increase the research and development, squeeze into the high-end market and get rid of the grim situation of the people.

In the field of research and development, the innovation development strategy is implemented on the basis of the country's existing special support. The enterprise is the theme, the innovation is the driving force. In view of the large investment and slow efficiency of the machine tool industry, only the enterprise's own efforts can not achieve the long-term development. Many enterprises need to participate in the co technology research and development, and introduce the scientific research colleges and universities at the same time. Participate in the implementation of public-private partnership PPP to promote R & D; at the national level, we need to increase basic research investment and R & D personnel training.

According to the introduction, 2014 will develop steadily on the basis of 2013, which is expected to increase slightly and the import demand is still large, but the demand is more inclined to high-end products, and the products will also increase after the implementation of local market services abroad. With the rapid development of national defense, aviation, high speed rail, automobile and mold manufacturing industry, rapid development has been achieved. Technology has made remarkable progress and a series of breakthroughs in the aspects of high-speed, compound, precision, multi axis and so on. But there is still a big gap between accuracy and reliability.