The manufacturing cost of double face lapping machine is constantly increasing.
Date: 2021-06-24 13:52:39Pageviews: 883

 The double end lapping machine is a kind of equipment that can grind two ends at the same time. With the continuous improvement of the national independent development ability in recent years, the market of the double end grinding machine is expanding, and the price is constantly increasing, and the manufacturing cost of the double end lapping machine is also increasing.

The reason for the increase in the price of the double end lapping machine is not that the manufacturers have deliberately increased, but that the manufacturing costs in the industry are increasing. Through industry investigation and analysis, we can get the factors of price rise.

1, the rise in prices is the main factor, and the rapid rise in prices is known to everyone, rising from all aspects of food and clothing, industrial production and financial services, without exception. In this case, the addition of the various accessories, accessories and consumables of the double end lapping machine adds a lot of cost, which leads to one of the main factors that increase the cost of the double end lapping machine.

2, the increase in service funds is also a small number, in front of the sales equipment Xiang Heng Machinery is free for the customer sample, field test for customers to see or express to customers. After selling the equipment, we will track the customers throughout the factory, provide staff training for customers free of charge, and let the customers benefit as soon as possible. In response to any problems arising from the use of the equipment, our plant responds in a timely manner, helping customers solve problems for the first time. In these services, the material costs, labor costs, time costs, and the cost of the vehicle required for the after-sales service, the cost of labor and time, and the cost of manpower and time are also a small number, which also leads to an increase in the cost of the double end lapping machine.

3, the cost of manpower is increased. The cost of manpower is calculated from Jiangyin. The minimum wage of employees two years ago is about 1500, and the minimum cost is 3000 yuan. Wages doubled, excluding R & D and office staff. The rise in labor costs directly led to an increase in the cost of dual end mills.